Newly available in the UK, Bliss is a dermal filler brand associated with safety and innovation. Bliss’ facial fillers and lip fillers use industry-leading technology to tackle symptoms of ageing skin, treating cosmetic issues such as facial wrinkles and folds, marionette lines and correction of lips’ shape and volume.

As with other brands of dermal fillers, Bliss fillers restore hyaluronic acid to the face to achieve their great results and create a youthful appearance. However, Bliss fillers go one step further by implementing unique cross-linking technology which allows multiple hyaluronic acid coil chain connections to be formed. This results in a more durable and stabilised gel.

In addition, the hyaluronic acid used in Bliss fillers contains a low extrusion force (the amount of force required to inject the filler into tissues), meaning the strain on the thumb of the practitioner is reduced.

As official UK distributors of Bliss dermal fillers, LSF stock a range of Bliss products which can be browsed below. We offer next-day delivery on Bliss fillers across the UK.