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Alidya® 340mg x 5

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Alidya® is a fat dissolving injection which prevents cellulite from developing at early stages. It is an injectable substance to dissolve cellulite. The most common noticeable areas with cellulite are buttocks, thighs and saddlebags which usually occurs after puberty. Alidya® helps to dissolve the fat responsible for cellulite but it also tightens some of the fibrous tissue to give a slightly smoother looking skin.

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It is a non-surgical minimally invasive treatment for cellulite in which firstly a topical anaesthetic cream is applied over the area then Alidya® is injected into the dermal layer or into the subcutaneous tissue with small punctures at the depth of 4-5 mm.

Injections are performed with a thin needle and are almost painless. In some cases local or topical anaesthetic can be used. The process is completed within 20 minutes.  The active agents present in Alidya triggers many essential mechanisms in tissues responsible for cellulite such as unsatisfactory microcirculation, deposited toxins and tissue damage. The product has also an antioxidant effect and curbs free-radical processes, which are


There is usually no downtime after Alidya® injections with no recovery period as it is a non-surgical minimally invasive treatment for cellulite. It is recommended to avoid use of any cosmetic product on the treated area for 10-12 hours. We advise to avoid any rigorous physical activity (like swimming, gym or exercise), sunbathing and sauna for a few days. You can resume your daily routine almost immediately after the procedure.

Treatment can be repeated up to 5-12 times every 7-10 days till the patient sees the benefits or to get the maximum result. The number of treatments also depends on patient’s need and the severity of cellulite. The lasting results can be seen within 2-3 months but to maintain the results, maintenance injections are suggested