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Juvederm®VOLUX® 2x1ml

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Juvederm VOLUX® with Lidocaine is the most robust formula in the Juvéderm range

It is specifically designed to dramatically sculpt the chin and jawline without surgery.

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Who Is Suitable?

Juvéderm VOLUX® can help patients improve their facial contours from every angle. Whether you’d like to restore lost volume or enhance the contours you were naturally given, VOLUX® can help. Ideally, men and women should retain a good amount of skin elasticity, and be in otherwise good general health.


Results can be seen immediately following your Juvéderm VOLUX® treatment. Enjoy an instant lift with long-lasting results. Most patients can see improved facial definition for up to 18-24 months. Juvéderm VOLUX® is designed as a one-time treatment allowing patients to achieve their desired.