/My Filler® Revitalize Pure (5x5ml)

My Filler® Revitalize Pure (5x5ml)

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My Filler Revitalize is a state of the art range and complete portfolio of sterile topical cosmetics for professional use.

Revitalize Pure

Stretch marks, acne marks, scar marks and other skin imperfections are undesirable for anyone from an aesthetic point of view.

The Revitalize Pure unique formulation has the perfect mixture and balance of collagen with HA.  It increases the generation of new collagen fibres, repairs and reinforces the existing ones.


  • For all skin types that need to regenerate the texture and tonality.


  • Apply Revitalize Pure to the hands, clean face, neck and neckline, with electroporation techniques or radiofrequency.  The micro-needling technique can considerably speed up the results.
  • Month 1 – 1 session every 15 to 30 days
  • Month 2-3 – 1 session every 30 to 60 days according to evolution
  • Maintenance – 1 session every 60 days

2 in stock

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Dosage: 5 x 5.0ml

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